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How the Child of an Addict Can Be Affected

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Child sitting on couch covering his face while father, who is holding a bottle of alcohol, stares at himIt is no secret that the effects of living with an addict are, unfortunately, a reality for many children in the United States. These are the children of people with substance abuse disorders. These parents might have started taking drugs after they had children, or their drug issues were carried over from before their kids were born. But how many children with parents affected by addiction are there? And more importantly, how does the child of an addict feel the effects of their parents’ addiction in their upbringing and adult life? Evoke Wellness at Miramar, providers of drug treatment programs in Florida, have created this overview to provide insight and answers to these questions. 

How Many Children Living With Addicted Parents Are There?

How drug addiction affects families will vary from one familial unit to the next, but the child of an addict is the most likely to be affected. Although it is the sad reality of life for many children, it is not nearly as uncommon as many may believe. In fact, it is estimated that as many as 9 million children, about 12% of all children in the United States, are feeling the effects of living with an addict. The most common addictions vary quite a bit, but everything from cocaine to opioids are the substances of choice among parents. The biggest threats for the child of an addict often come in the physical and emotional consequences of their parents’ addictions.

How Does Addiction Affect Families With Children?

Drug addiction and children are rarely a combination that yields positive results for anyone. Parents affected by addiction often impair their child’s development in a number of ways, one key example being through neglect. The child of an addict is often a child who is not parented properly and can expect to suffer some form of either physical, emotional, or sexual abuse at the hands of their parents. A child should never have to worry about such things happening to them at the hands of their parents, but when their parents are addicts, nothing is as expected. As the children grow into adulthood, a number of physical or emotional issues can develop as a direct result of their drug-exposed childhoods. These issues are often catalysts for the child of an addict to find themselves addicted as well. 

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