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Family Programs for Drug Addiction in South Florida

Family Program

Family Program

Addiction can not only destroy the person that is affected by the disease, it can also destroy family members. At Evoke Wellness FL we are now offering family therapy and family programs to help those who have a loved one battling substance abuse and mental health disorders. The first step in being able to better help someone you love with their illnesses is to become educated about the disease, and the impact it can have on families.
We believe that when an addict has a supportive family, they are better able to recover from their addiction and mental health issues and have longer periods of abstinence.

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The Three C's of Addiction

Knowing the “three C’s” of addiction is one of the most important lessons you can learn when dealing with a person struggling from addiction. These three C’s not only apply to the addict, but also apply to the other family members that are affected. The first “C” is you did not cause it. The active addict can blame their addiction on you all they want, but it’s important for you to know you are not the cause of their addiction. The second “C” is you cannot control it. No matter how hard you try, you can’t control a person struggling from addiction, and you can’t stop them either. The third and final “C” is you cannot cure addiction. Some people will say there is a cure, but there isn’t. Addiction is a disease. It can be successfully treated, but just like with diabetes or cancer, there is no cure.

Benefits of Family Programs

Those who suffer from addiction get a large boost in morale when their families and friends are supportive and part of their recovery process. This is why our family programs are invaluable. We teach families about the disease of addiction and how to identify and stop enabling and codependent behaviors so that both the addict and family can begin rebuilding a healthy relationship.
Family programs help break the stigma of addiction and mental illness and enable all involved to work through the chaos of addiction. Our program helps families gain a better understanding and better ability to empathize with the individual who is suffering. It improves listening and communication skills, changes negative interaction patterns, teaches healthy coping skills, enhances problem-solving skills, helps everyone involved set healthy boundaries, and improves conflict-resolution abilities.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Addiction can wreak havoc on a family. Once a suffering addict decides to go to treatment, family therapy is a critical component to their recovery. Family therapy helps decrease the risk of relapse, repair and rebuild trusting relationships. Family therapy also greatly improves communication between the addict and each family member.
Our licensed therapists at Evoke Wellness FL are up to date on the most current treatment modalities for our patients. Their ongoing education helps us to better treat both the patient and their family through this difficult process. Our family programs at Evoke are amongst some of the best programs in the nation.

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