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Our Addiction Therapy Approaches in South Florida

The Evoke Wellness FL Approach

Our clinicians are experts in their field and understand the need for providing support in the form of empathy, family contact, and basic coping skills to prevent relapse. Our goal is to guide the client through the emotional and physical challenges that can encompass the first steps on the path of recovery. We attack the disease of addiction mentally and emotionally through individual counseling, in-house meetings, and group therapy.
clinical services

Therapy And Clinical

Our therapy and clinical services are an integral part of a successful detox program. Our clinical team specializes in treating addiction through empathetic individual sessions, connecting the client with family and sober supports, while offering emotional support throughout their stay. The client will be introduced to community resources and will be provided with easy to use coping skills to create a stable foundation for long term recovery.
We offer group therapy, individual therapy, music and art expression, as well as in-house 12- step meetings. Depending on how the client is feeling, our staff is ready to meet with them as little or as much as that individual client needs.

Case management services are also available to the client to address other needs the client may have. For example, FMLA needs, court needs, or probation needs. Our case management will also enable a smooth transition for the next step in recovery, whether that is continued treatment or community resources.



Our dedicated staff provides a comprehensive medical approach towards treating the addiction population in the early stages of recovery. Our clients have varying expectations and have different needs. Our goal is to ensure each client has every opportunity to decompress and feel relief from the stress of early recovery. Our team offers an array of services to ensure each client is properly medically treated, in addition to rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. We offer group areas for socializing, playing games, watching TV or listening to music. Our facility also offers a nutritionist on staff for clients struggling with balanced eating.

Customized Nutritious Meals

We serve chef-prepared nutritious meals. Our chefs are happy to offer adjustments for any dietary restrictions and will customize meals, under the direction of your addiction nutritionist.

Many who have experienced alcohol and drug addictions are suffering nutrient deficiency. When you come to Evoke Wellness Florida, our delicious meals will replenish the nutrients, provide you with energy, and aid your recovery.

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