Individual Therapy Program


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Individual Therapy Program

two people sit in charis and talk to each other in an individual therapy programThere are many aspects to treating a substance use disorder. Sometimes the treatment happens in stages, starting with a medical detox and then undergoing residential treatment. It won’t look the same for everyone, and the inclusion of multiple treatments can be a great way to ensure that each patient’s needs are met.

Professionals can learn about a patient, and best assess their needs through an individual therapy program. Individual counseling offers patients an opportunity to work one on one with a therapist to uncover what it is that is causing and continuing their destructive patterns. At Evoke Wellness, we value the care and attention that addiction therapy programs offer individuals seeking treatment for their addiction and proudly provide treatment options to meet each patient’s needs.

Individual Therapy for Addiction

Individual counseling will involve sitting down with a trained therapist and uncovering who you are and what makes you tick. The benefit of this time spent is that a professional understands your addiction and how it manifests. Having someone to guide you through this process as you dig into the underlying causes of substance use is very helpful in reducing frustration and increasing empathy and acceptance of yourself.

A therapist can help you to create new paths away from your addiction and toward a brighter, healthier future. This can include identifying triggers and learning new skills to avoid them, navigating boundaries and communicating more effectively, enhancing mindfulness to help regulate emotions, and changing negative thought patterns.

What Is Person-Centered Therapy?

Person-centered therapy speaks to an approach that offers patients more of a role in finding solutions to their problems. The patient does most of the talking, which takes away the more traditional authoritarian position of the therapist and invites the patient to be a more significant part of the process. Here, a therapist acts as more of an educated listener and compassionate facilitator of the experience. The patient will not be redirected or interrupted. Instead, they will be offered support while they engage in the process of self-discovery. In order to work, the therapist must use empathy, acceptance, and compassion at all times, and they are encouraged not to interrupt or interfere with the patient’s expression.


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Benefits of Person-Centered Therapy

Every mode of healing has its benefits. Sometimes people gravitate toward a more open and self-guided therapy practice, which is where person-centered therapy can be a great option. Here, patients can learn to rely on their own experiences and use them as a basis for healing. Studies show that there is even a positive benefit in the relationships built between patient and therapist using this method. Some other benefits of person-centered therapy include the following:

  • Greater self-confidence
  • Stronger sense of identity
  • More trust in a person’s own decisions
  • More authentic and fulfilling relationships
  • A better understanding of thoughts and feelings

Person-centered therapy can work for many different disorders, ranging from anxiety to depression, and has also been proven to help in situations of grief, abuse, or family distress. Combined with other treatments, this can be incredibly beneficial to those seeking recovery from addiction. Contact us today if you’re seeking an individual therapy program that can help you in recovery.

Find Out More About Individual Therapy Programs at Evoke Wellness

It can take a lot of work to ask for help. Recovery is possible; some people understand you and are qualified to help you better understand yourself. At Evoke Wellness, we are committed to providing you or your loved one with the best care possible, including doing so with individual counseling. If you are searching for a treatment center that offers an individual therapy program, contact us at 866.931.9312 to learn more today.