Extended Residential Program


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Extended Residential Program

a group of people sit in chairs in a circle and participate in an extended residential treatment programSeeking rehabilitation for a substance use disorder is an important decision. It requires hard work and lots of help to recover, but many addiction treatment programs, professionals, and facilities are available to assist in achieving that goal. Often, patients will require some sort of medical detoxification or residential treatment at the beginning of their journey, meaning they are kept under the care of professionals while undergoing their initial therapies and medical services.

One of the treatments that can benefit certain patients seeking help with their substance use disorder is called an extended residential treatment program. This refers to a live-in-style treatment that extends beyond the typical stay to offer more long-term solutions for people who might need them. Residential programs like the one at Evoke Wellness offer patients an array of resources that set them up for lifelong recovery as best they can.

What Is an Extended Residential Treatment Program?

Residential treatment immerses a patient in a therapeutic environment. Instead of living at home and pursuing only individual or family therapies, residential treatment offers a healthy environment away from toxic situations and the individuals’ drug of choice, surrounded by recovery-minded peers and trained professionals. Often, residential treatment spans 28 days, but extended treatment can last much longer.

These types of programs are set up to house and care for patients who might need more intensive services for longer. People of any age can participate in extended residential treatment, but special services like educational resources are often offered for adolescents or professional training for adults. These programs can help those in need of extra treatment after the regular 28 days of residential.

Extended treatment can last for 60, 90 days, or beyond. What a patient can expect from a longer term stay at Evoke Wellness includes cultivating skills to manage their addiction, taking a deeper look into its root causes, and starting to build a support system.

Benefits of Long-term Addiction Treatment Programs

There are many reasons that patients decide to commit to an extended residential program. Sometimes their home environment is an unhealthy one that is contributing to their substance use, or they have a coexisting diagnosis that is better treated with 24-hour, long-term care. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to these programs. Some include:

  • A longer amount of time away from people and places that might trigger use
  • A structured, supportive environment
  • Constant support from staff
  • Enough time away from the stress of daily life to work through underlying issues
  • Supervision that enables patients to make the right choices

The more time and attention one pays to heal from an addiction, the stronger the foundation is built. The longer the patient receives treatment, the more time they have to adjust to life as a sober person. They can learn new ways to cope with the challenges they will be facing on their unique path and take their time digging into the underlying causes of their illness. The goal is to feel strong in recovery and put every precaution into place to avoid relapse. Long-term treatment is one effective way to do that.

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An Extended Residential Treatment Program in Florida at Evoke Wellness Can Help

If you are searching for a long-term addiction treatment center in Florida, Evoke Wellness can be your solution. Short-term care and outpatient services are excellent options for some people, but others require a more extended residential stay. Choosing the option that best suits your or your loved one’s needs is imperative. Let Evoke Wellness help you understand your options and guide you toward recovery. Contact us today at 866.931.9312 to learn more about finding the help you need.