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Addiction in Veterans

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A distressed veteran in uniform sits alone.United States veterans sacrifice so much for the United States. They risk their lives fighting to defend American citizens and often come back with either PTSD or some other form of issue with their physical or mental health. One of the most common issues we see today is addiction in veterans. Substance abuse in veterans is nothing new, but with so many resources available, it is becoming more understood by the rest of the population. Evoke Wellness at Miramar, a South Florida drug rehabilitation center, has compiled the causes and statistics surrounding addiction in veterans and presented it here in hopes that understanding the issue becomes more widespread.

The Source of Veteran Substance Abuse

Veteran addictions can come from many places. Some of the most common addictions are a result of the trauma they faced while in active duty or the repercussions of combat when they return home. The trauma that veterans may have faced on the battlefield, which could be either physical, mental, or emotional, may cause them to turn towards illegal or destructive substances as a solution to their ills. In some cases, these veterans may have been treated for injuries with substances they later become addicted to after recovering from their initial injury. Of course, many veterans may develop a substance abuse issue as a result of the same reasons many who never served do.

Veteran and Addiction Statistics

Now that the reasons have been established for some of the common reasons for a veteran’s substance abuse developing, for fully understanding the prevalence of the problem, taking a closer look at the substance abuse in veterans statistics is a must. It is estimated that one in fifteen, which is over 6% of all veterans, suffer from a serious substance abuse problem. Many believe that the numbers are actually much higher than this but simply are not reported for one reason or another. These men and women have given so much for the people of this country and deserve to receive proper veteran substance abuse treatment that will consider their circumstances in every step and aspect of their recovery.

Drug Treatment Programs in Florida are Available

If you or somebody you know is a veteran suffering from addiction, be sure to contact Evoke Wellness at Miramar to receive the proper treatment that they require to live a fulfilled life unburdened by addiction. Our drug detox in Florida is the leading provider of service of its kind, and the team at Evoke will work tirelessly to ensure that they receive the treatment they deserve. Get started today or read some of our other articles to learn more about all things addiction and recovery.

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