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Cocaine Treatment in South Florida

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

What is Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine addiction is one of the most challenging addictions to overcome. Cocaine is a stimulant drug that causes the brain to release a surge of dopamine, which is a brain chemical that is responsible for allowing us to experience pleasure. Average amounts of dopamine are released when someone eats delicious food, enjoys a beautiful sunset, from sex, and many other pleasurable experiences. The difference in the level of dopamine that cocaine causes the brain to release once a person uses it is substantially greater, and this is why cocaine is addictive.

The euphoria that a person experiences from using cocaine and how quickly they will become addicted to it often depends on how it is ingested. Cocaine is a white powdery substance that can be inhaled through a straw into the nose; injected by diluting it with water and using a hypodermic syringe, or it can be smoked, which is called crack cocaine. Snorting cocaine is the most common method, and it takes longer for the drug to reach the person’s brain. Therefore, people who snort cocaine often do not become addicted as quickly as people who inject or smoke cocaine.

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Injecting and smoking cocaine, (smoking cocaine is also called crack cocaine), causes a much more intense rush of the drug to enter the brain and bloodstream instantaneously. The high from injecting cocaine or smoking crack only lasts a few minutes. Cocaine addicts who have been using cocaine either by injecting it or smoking it typically become addicted quicker than those who only snort it. However, regardless of how a person uses cocaine, they can become addicted to cocaine after only one use.  

Physical Symptoms & Signs of Cocaine Addiction

The physical symptoms that can be present after a person has used cocaine do vary depending on the method of use. People who snort cocaine are less paranoid than people who inject or smoke crack cocaine. However, the following physical symptoms generally describe anyone who has recently used cocaine:

Other symptoms, such as alertness and talkativeness, can be a result of cocaine addiction. The signs that someone has become addicted to cocaine usually begins with a change in their personality and their level of responsibility and communication with people they are close too. Addiction causes a person to miss work, avoid family and friends, staying out of the home longer without an explanation of their whereabouts is typical for cocaine addicts. The following list also indicates that a person is struggling with an addiction to cocaine: 

Our team of experienced professionals, in conjunction with our highly personalized detox treatment plan, will help you get through this phase with a high-level of comfort. We want to make this process as comfortable as possible, while also ensure a smooth transition to your next step in sobriety.

Cocaine Detox Protocol

The first step in getting help for an addiction to cocaine is to seek professional advice from a treatment center that specializes in cocaine addiction treatment. The programs that we offer at Evoke Wellness FL for the treatment of cocaine addiction begin with medically supervised detoxification. Cocaine is a toxic drug that can cause severe medical conditions, and anyone who has used cocaine long term is likely to have several health issues that need medical care. Our medically supervised detox for cocaine utilizes safe medications to help a person tolerate withdrawal symptoms as well as mental and emotional challenges.

Cocaine addiction generally does not cause severe physical withdrawal symptoms but does cause withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous, and they include:

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Once a person has completed detox from cocaine, the next step is to be admitted into a treatment program for cocaine addiction. The treatment programs that are most effective for cocaine addiction is our inpatient treatment program. Since cocaine causes a person to experience significant cravings long after they are clean from it, the inpatient program at Evoke Wellness Florida is structured to build a solid foundation for the person’s new life in recovery.

Our inpatient program provides each client with an individualized treatment plan to tailor to their specific needs. We offer inpatient cocaine addiction treatment programs for men, women, and young adults. To speak with an admissions counselor to learn how to be admitted into our cocaine addiction rehab program in Florida, first, call our program specialists. Our specialists will provide you detailed information about bed availability, cost, and insurance as well as make arrangements for admission, door to door travel, within 24 hours or less.

Evoke Wellness FL: A Premier Medical Detox

At Evoke Wellness Florida, we help clients detox from alcohol and drugs under the best possible treatment and surroundings. Our medical drug and alcohol detox facility is located in a beautiful, private location over-looking a tranquil lake in Miramar, Florida. Our relaxing surroundings, high-end amenities, delicious and nutritious food, and team of professional practitioners, help clients move through the detox phase quickly, safely and comfortably.

After detox, clients have a wide range of options to transition seamlessly to the next step in their addiction recovery. While the medical detoxification process is not easy, many clients recognize early on that is not nearly as intense, painful, or uncomfortable as anticipated. We help them build foundations needed to maintain long-term sobriety.

Ready to Make a Change?

We understand that the treatment process can be difficult at times. At Evoke Wellness Florida, we are committed to assisting you in making progress towards a new life free from the grips of addiction.

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