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Popular Drugs Accepted by Society

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Alcoholism and culture go hand in hand. Society tends to look past the negative effects of alcohol and instead promotes it. Though other drugs might not be advertised, there is still social acceptance by many. Some drugs, especially popular street drugs, are consumed to escape reality and feel pleasure. In most cases, these drugs cause addiction, and a person forms a dependency. Intoxicants or intoxicating substances are accepted by society because of numerous reasons, establishing substance abuse. 

The Most Popular Drugs

What is the most popular drug in the United States? Nicotine would be the most popular drug used since tobacco products are legal and easily accessible in the U.S. Each year, more and more people die due to nicotine abuse. In addition to nicotine, alcohol is a drug, and most Americans drink or abuse alcohol. Many adverse side effects follow drinking, like liver disease, drunk driving, and cognitive decline.Marijuana is the most popular federally illegal drug in the U.S., but nearly all the states in America have legalized it or sold it as medical medication.Marijuana, nicotine, and alcohol are common party drugs, regardless of their potential health risks.

Street Names of the Socially Acceptable Drugs 

Cocaine is a popular drug often accessible at clubs and house parties. If you or someone you know is showing signs of addiction, it is best to receive cocaine addiction treatment as soon as possible. Prescription painkillers like codeine, Vicodin, and Oxycontin reduce pain and are highly addictive. A person will mix these pills with alcohol in many instances, leading to an overdose or reduced heart rate and blood pressure. The effects on the brain and heart cause aging, increased stress levels, and memory loss.Heroin is one of the more severe addictive drugs and can be found at clubs and parties. Some of the withdrawals of heroin include muscle spasms, depression, abdominal pain, and anxiety.Benzodiazepines or “benzos” are substances that give similar results to Xanax. The drug is typically prescribed to help treat insomnia and seizures, but because of the mellow mood sensation it provides, people tend to become addicted. These popular drugs are socially acceptable because many people desire to experiment with them, search for a good time, or “let loose.” However, using street drugs recreationally can create a danger to the development of the brain and cause negative side effects that may lead to death. These drugs’ negative impacts are brushed off because of the euphoric feelings and overwhelming but temporary happiness they may cause. 

It’s Okay to Say No 

There is no need to give in to peer pressure while trying to enjoy yourself at a social event. If others around you are experimenting with drugs and alcohol, it is best that you don’t. Instead, politely decline the potential risk of addiction.To prevent temptation, hold a cup in your hand with water or juice. By holding a cup, people will not offer to get you a drink. This action also reduces the risk of someone slipping substances that could harm you in the glass.Hosting your own party is another great way to avoid temptation and stay sober since you can monitor what is consumed. 

Addiction Treatment at Evoke Wellness at Miramar

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