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Drinking Problem Signs: How to Know if You Have an Alcohol Problem

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There are numerous drinking problem signs that a person can become aware of or observe before a fully formed addiction occurs. Individuals often tend to use alcohol as a stress reducer or a distraction from overwhelming responsibility. The action may seem excusable, but many adverse side effects follow the long-term use of alcohol. Once a person begins to lose control over their drinking habits, affecting productivity and others around them, they may have a drinking problem. They should consider an alcohol addiction treatment like an alcohol detox, which is a great way to prevent an alcohol overdose.

Signs You Have a Drinking Problem  

If you or someone you know recognizes that a few extra dollars are going toward purchasing alcohol, or you find yourself with a glass of wine in your hand more often, you might notice drinking problem signs. Spending a lot of time and money to drink alcohol can be the beginning of a habit and can lead to an addiction. Also, many people will not think their drinking problem is out of control since they are capable of completing tasks and staying social. Eventually, everyday life and sustaining relationships become unbearably stressful and ignored.     Here are a few more drinking problem signs to pay attention to: 

  • Strong cravings to drink 
  • Building a high tolerance
  • Overthinking about alcohol until you can drink 
  • Desiring to stop drinking but feeling helpless or unable 
  • Drinking alcohol in inappropriate situations like while driving or exercising
  • Unable to complete home, work, or social obligations
  • Developing withdrawals after a short time of not drinking alcohol 


Drinking Problem Symptoms

Drinking problem signs start when a person begins to drink alone or binge drink. Binge drinking is the consumption of alcohol in a short duration and can cause serious health issues. Inflammation in the pancreas, scarring in the liver, irregular heartbeat, and strokes are common physical symptoms of alcoholism. From a psychological standpoint, individuals will cope with stress, anxiety, or depression by drinking alcohol, which worsens the mental illness and increases symptoms.    Disregarding consequences and growing a high tolerance to alcohol will affect brain development and decrease cognitive processing. It is important to be aware of these drinking problem signs to avoid physical, mental, and spiritual problems. Alcohol is a socially accepted drug, but like any substance, abusing it can lead to addiction and hardships over time.

How to Tell Someone You Think They Have a Drinking Problem

Before speaking to someone about the potential health risks, make sure you are aware of how to tell if someone has a drinking problem. As mentioned, there are many drinking problem signs that will help an individual to conclude if they or someone they know is drinking alcohol excessively. It is essential to come to the person with confidence but also with kindness and concern. Any substance abuse or addiction can be properly treated by professionals with care. 

Detox at Evoke Wellness Treatment Center

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