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What is The Purpose of Methadone?

Addiction treatment is a delicate process and must be handled to enable lasting healing. The detox stage is usually the first step in any recovery plan, serving to rid the body of toxins accumulated in the body from addictive substances over time. It involves the individual being encouraged and assisted to cultivate abstinence and characterized by withdrawal symptoms. These often set in as soon as the individual tries to quit and may span from moderate signs like loss of appetite and muscle aches to severe ones such as seizures and hallucinations. Over time, due to the many dangers associated with performing detox cold-turkey, scientific research has advocated medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Thus, rather than individuals attempting to cope or struggle with withdrawal symptoms on their own, they are administered FDA-approved drugs to alleviate difficulties. One of such medicines often recommended for addiction recovery is Methadone. What is The Purpose of Methadone?

Methadone: What Exactly is it?

Methadone is an opioid medication, meaning that it is also produced from opium obtained from the poppy plant. However, Methadone is different from other opioids like heroin because it was synthetically designed to counteract the actions of other opioids. Its design is such that it blocks the pleasurable sensations evoked by other opioids and so nullifies their activities on the brain. Therefore, it does not produce the same euphoric feelings as is expected when an individual takes other opioids. However, this does not mean that Methadone does not elicit some euphoric effects of its own, only they are milder as compared to heroin, morphine, and other potent opiates.

How Methadone Works and Its Uses

As with all opioids, which are analgesics, Methadone can treat pain. This use is especially beneficial if the chemical dependence set in due to misuse of painkillers. As such, the drug can aid addiction recovery from other opiates like morphine and combat pain felt in any area of the body at the same time. There is a difference, though, as methadone effects are slower than other painkillers, which means a lower possibility of becoming addicted. Methadone in detoxification of other opioids is known as replacement therapy, where it is essentially substituted for heroin or morphine in the body. The result is that because Methadone acts similarly on the brain, withdrawal symptoms do not show up. Also, cravings are almost non-existent since Methadone effectively takes the place of the previously misused opiate. Nevertheless, caution must be taken here so Methadone is not viewed as the cure for heroin addiction but as a component of one part of a broader treatment plan. Consequently, with Methadone, detoxification and addiction recovery overall becomes easier and more feasible. In addition to treatment with Methadone, the recovering individual requires residential care, on-hand assistance from medical specialists, and extensive therapy/counseling sessions. Combining all of these will go a long way in ensuring lasting recovery. Some say that these addictions feel like the same qualities of Ecstasy; which are also treated for at Evoke Wellness Miramar.

Get Help from Methadone Addiction and Other Addictions at Evoke Wellness at Miramar

Evoke Wellness at Miramar is a rehab home in South Florida that provides rehab services to individuals from all over the region. Where needed, MAT may be administered to individuals undergoing recovery so that sobriety is attained. Contact a recovery advocate today for further information on services provided and the admission process into the center.