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What Are the Most Abused Prescription Pills in 2021?

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Since prescription medications first came to be, they have been widely misused by people who have prescribed them for legitimate medical reasons and by people without a written prescription. In many cases, men and women who struggle with prescription drug addiction do not intend on misusing their medication. However, over time, they might develop a physical tolerance, meaning that higher doses are required to achieve the desired effects. As physical tolerance builds, many people will take up their dose without consulting with the medical professional. What Are the Most Abused Prescription Pills in 2021?

How Do Prescription Stimulants Work?

Prescription stimulants are generally used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and include brand-name medications like Adderall and Ritalin. Central nervous system depressants include benzodiazepines and barbiturates like Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan. According to several studies, prescription drug abuse is the biggest health and addiction-related concern fixed by men and women of all ages right after marijuana abuse and alcohol abuse. Are medications abused most frequently? We have listed the most commonly abused prescription pills in 2021.

Taking Pharmacy Pills that You Were Not Prescribed

Taking a medication other than prescribed is technically drug abuse, so upping your dose on your own accord is never a safe practice. The most commonly abused prescription medications include prescription opioids, prescription stimulants, and central nervous system depressants. Some examples of prescription opioids include painkillers like oxycodone and hydrocodone.

The Most Commonly Abused Pills in 2021

If you or someone you love has been struggling with prescription drug abuse or with an addictive disorder of any type, reach out to us today. At Evoke Wellness Miramar, we have extensive experience treating men and women of all ages who have been abusing a medication of any kind. The most commonly abused prescription pills in 2021 are as follows:

  • Amphetamines like Adderall – Medications are often called study drugs, seeing as they are frequently abused by young adults in college who are looking to increase their ability to study for long hours.
  • Vicodin – This medication is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is an opioid pain reliever that is highly addictive and very frequently prescribed.
  • Benzodiazepines like Xanax and Ativan – Xanax is the most frequently prescribed medication, and it also has a very high potential for abuse. This medication is most commonly prescribed to treat severe anxiety disorders or narcolepsy, and other sleep-related issues. Unfortunately, throughout the past several years, overdose-related deaths directly linked to benzodiazepines have been on the rise.
  • Oxycontin – This is another opioid pain reliever generally prescribed to treat moderate or severe pain and chronic pain. Unfortunately, this medication is highly addictive, and it is very frequently abused. Most people who abuse oxycontin will crush it and snort it or inject it to feel the effects more quickly.
  • Barbiturates – In recent years, many medical professionals have been prescribing benzodiazepines in place of barbiturates because both classes of medication fulfill the same purpose. Barbiturates are often prescribed to treat seizures, severe anxiety disorders, and insomnia. Unfortunately, people who abuse barbiturates are liable to experience serious and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms when use is suddenly stopped.

Overcome Your Prescription Drug Abuse

If you or someone you know has been abusing prescription drugs, seeking professional help is extremely important. Because the symptoms associated with prescription drug withdrawal can be unpredictable, every prescription drug addiction recovery journey should begin with medically monitored detox. It is recommended that the person seeking treatment then transitions into a higher level of clinical care, like those provided by our prescription pain pill treatment facility.

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Evoke Wellness Miramar, works closely with men and women, helping them overcome addiction once and for all and helping them go on to lead a happier and healthier life, free from addiction. The life they deserve to lead. If you want to learn more about our prescription drug recovery program, pick up the phone and give us a call – we are standing by 24/7 to help. All calls are free and confidential around the clock.