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Which Famous People Are Clean and Sober?

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It is no secret that addiction and alcoholism can happen to any person and at any time. Money and fame do not make you exempt from this either. Many celebrities have battled their way through addiction and alcoholism just like normal people and made it out on the other side. Many even use their status and far reach to talk about their struggle and educate others on addiction. Let’s take a look at some famous people who are now clean and sober. Which Famous People Are Clean and Sober?

Here Are a Few Famous People That Are Now Clean and Sober

Robert Downey Jr. – Downey’s vices were alcohol and drugs. In 1995, he found himself in a vicious cycle of drug abuse, rehab, and jail. With the help of a court-ordered rehab program in 2003, it finally stuck, and he has been sober ever since. Russell Brand – The British stand-up comedian and ex-husband to Katy Perry was known best for this drug-abusing ways. He talked about how his drug abuse started as a child at just 19 years old. He hit rock bottom in 2003 with an addiction to heroin after four years of battling heroin. Russell Brand has been clean and sober for over 15 years and is now an advocate for recovery. He has even gone so far as to write a book about his journey. Kelly Osbourne – She began her first run at substance abuse at a very young age. She began her life of abuse with Vicodin at just 16 years old, which led her to drink more heavily and take more and more drugs. At the height of her drug addiction, she admitted that she was taking up to 60 Vicodin each day. Today she is sober and still openly talks about her experience with both addiction and recovery. She is over two years sober at this point. Dax Shepard – The husband to Kristen Bell and father of their children recently celebrated 14 years of sobriety and continues to advocate for it. He admitted that he was an avid cocaine and alcohol user but found his sobriety through 12 step meetings. Bradley Cooper – The great actor has been sober since 2004. He has not had a drink since he was 29 years old. However, Cooper’s alcohol and painkiller addiction began to affect his life and career, which pushed him to get the help he needed. He found his way to rehab before getting introduced to the 12 step recovery program. Samuel L. Jackson – Jackson was addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine but has been sober for 29 years. His drug addiction began in the 1980s while he was just starting as an actor. His addiction was a secret to everyone, including his wife and kids, until one night, he came home drunk with cocaine and passed out on the kitchen floor while trying to heat the cocaine on the stove. His wife and daughter found him. He got sober after that. 

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Living with addiction can be extremely difficult and may make you feel like you are alone in the fight. However, perhaps after seeing this list of famous people who have also struggled with addiction and alcoholism and get through it, you can also realize that many people from every walk of life also share the same struggles as you. If you or someone you love are struggling right now with addiction, know that help is available to you. At Evoke Wellness at Miramar, we have a team of professionals waiting to talk to you about your needs and get you into a personalized treatment program that will best address your addiction. Now is the time to get your life back, and we can help you do it.