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What You Need to Know About Needle Track Marks

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Needle track marks are scars found on the skin of individuals involved in intravenous drug use. Although most people will ‘shoot up’ drugs directly into the veins, there are a few cases where they inject them under the skin and into the muscle. Needle track marks are usually signs of chronic drug use via injection but may also indicate the abuse of impure drugs or old, blunt needles for injection. Most needle track marks will appear in specific spots where drugs have been injected multiple times.

Why Do People Injecting Drugs?

Injecting is a popular method for using or misusing drugs. Injected drugs gain almost direct and rapid access into the bloodstream and are thus, able to elicit instantaneous responses. The short duration between when a drug is taken and when its effect is felt makes injection the choice method of use for many drugs, including cocaine, crack, and heroin. Ketamine, morphine, methamphetamine, opioids, and PCP (phencyclidine or ‘Angel Dust’) are also taken via injections.When injecting a drug, needle track marks may be found across different body parts depending on the site an individual chooses. Although drugs are commonly injected into the arms for convenience, the hands, feet, or legs are other injection sites. People will also consider the ease of hiding their needle track marks when selecting an injection site.What You Need to Know About Needle Track Marks

The Appearance of Needle Track Marks

Needle track marks generally look differently depending on how long they have existed or their stage of healing. Older track marks are usually darker than the skin color and may appear infected. They may also be masked by tattoos drawn over the injection site. More recent marks look fresh and bloody as they have not had the time to heal. 

The Fallouts of Intravenous Drug Use

Aside from needle track marks, people involved in intravenous or injection drug use also risk grappling with other consequences. Common ones include collapsed veins, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in veins), and bacterial infections such as abscesses and cellulitis. In addition, chronic HIV and hepatitis C virus diseases are contractable when syringes are shared with infected people. Drug-specific adverse outcomes, including dependence and withdrawal symptoms, also follow long-term use or misuse of drugs.

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