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What is Flakka?

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Over the last few years, videos have emerged on social media showing people acting very bizarre while under the influence of flakka. Alpha-PVP or flakka is a synthetic central nervous system stimulant and is known as a designer drug. Flakka is a cathinone and is in the same class of commonly found in bath salts. Highly addictive both physically and psychologically, flakka comes in a crystalline rock form and can either be smoked, snorted, injected, or ingested.

How Does the Flakka Drug Work?

Flakka is said to be 10X more potent than cocaine because alpha-PVP (Flakka) blocks the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine. When a person ingests the drug, it floods their brain with dopamine and norepinephrine and produces an intense euphoria. The DEA has classified this drug as a schedule 1 drug which means it has no medicinal value and is highly addictive. So there is absolutely no reason for someone to take this drug, except to get high. If this is you or a loved one it is time to get the treatment you need before it is too late. What is Flakka?

What Are the Side Effects of Flakka?

Flakka is one of the most dangerous drugs ever to hit the streets. People who have used the drug have become extremely violent, mad and have even appeared to be like zombies in nature. Flakka can make the user start jerking and contorting almost in an inhuman manner. If too much of the drug is ingested, the muscle fibers in the body start dissolving into the bloodstream, and the body will start moving uncontrollably. The head could drop below the shoulders, and the limbs can stiffen and even shoot out.

More About Side Effects of Flakka Drug

Flakka can cause paranoia, delusional thinking and even cause people to kill. Drugs like this completely rewire a person’s brain chemistry. Their thoughts and actions are completely out of control. When a person overdoses on Flakka, they are violent; they seem to become fearless and develop super strength. Flakka can have some devastating effects and side effects. Therefore, it is an extremely dangerous substance and should be avoided at all costs. If you or a loved one suffer from Flakka addiction it is time to get the help you need, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs to help anyone stop their crippling addiction from drugs.

Why is Flakka Drug So Dangerous?

Flakka affects people so that no other drug does and can produce a state of catatonia in some people. The National Library of Medicine published an article titled “Flakka-Induced Prolonged Psychosis.” The article says that:

In South Florida, there has been a highly addictive new synthetic drug flooding the streets for people looking for a cheap high. Alpha-PVP, better known as Flakka, is an illegal substance that sells on the streets for as little as $5 a hit and delivers an instant high that can last from hours to days with lingering effects for weeks after it has been ingested. Although people use Flakka for its potential euphoric high, symptoms are known to easily escalate into frightening delusions, paranoid psychosis, extreme agitation, and many other altered mental states. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Florida appears to be the nation’s hot spot for reports of Flakka. In this case report, a 17-year-old female with no prior psychiatric diagnosis presents to the hospital under a 72-hour involuntary placement for altered mental status with agitation and psychotic behaviors. (NLM)

Treatment for Flakka Addiction at Evoke Wellness at Miramar

If you or someone you love struggles with an addiction to flakka, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Evoke Wellness at Miramar offers cutting-edge addiction treatment. We offer a safe environment and treat our clients with respect. We specialize in making sure our patients have the most comfortable detox process possible. You no longer have to continue to suffer out of fear, we can help you on the path to living a happier and healthier lifestyle free from Flakka and other drug addictions. Contact us today, all calls are confidential and free. We’ll be happy to help matter how difficult the situation may seem.