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What Do Benzos Do to You?

Both legal benzos and homemade benzodiazepines are both, unfortunately, on the rise. Most concerning is that they appear to be growing in popularity among teenagers and young adults at a rate faster than with any other group. This trend has caused concern that an entire generation could be facing drug abuse issues that will affect aspects of their lives as well as their future children. To help better understand the epidemic of benzo recreational use, Evoke Wellness Florida has made this guide to the effects and side effects of the drugs categorized under this term. Our team has provided drug treatment programs in Florida for years. We hope that in explaining why people take these substances and what can happen to those who do, a better public understanding of the crisis can be reached. So, what do benzos do to you?

What Do Benzodiazepines Feel Like?

Benzo recreational use

is on the rise for a reason. They have an effect on the body that many find enjoyable and can often become addicted to. What do benzos do to you as far as stimulation and feeling? They actually differ from other popular substances in that they do not act as a vessel for euphoria or a traditional high. Instead, they actually have a calming and sedating effect on the body and mind. The most popular benzos, such as Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin, are actually more likely to make users tired, relaxed, and quiet – a far call from what many expect from those under the influence of recreational narcotics. Like many other substances of this nature, there are just as many drawbacks as there are desirable aspects to cover when evaluating what benzos do to you.

What Are Side Effects of Benzo Use?

What do benzos do to you that users would experience as side effects, results of overuse, or withdrawal? The answers are perhaps some of the more worrying aspects regarding the narcotic’s abuse. Users could experience:

  • Aggression, agitation, or anxiety
  • Delusions, hallucinations, nightmares, or irritability
  • Psychosis, rage, restlessness, feelings of detachment, or depression
  • Death

A pile of blue Benzodiazepines on a carpet

Our drug detox team in South Florida is most worried about the threat of death when a user is abusing the substance to an extreme level. Lack of knowledge of the potential side effects is perhaps what leads so many young people to experiment with the drug and later develop a dependence on it. Understanding what benzos do to you is important before even considering using the substance.

Our South Florida Drug Rehab Is Here to Help

What benzos do to you when you’ve become addicted is not as important as understanding what to do to kick a substance abuse habit of this kind. Get the professional help you need by contacting Evoke Wellness Florida now. Get started today or read some more of our articles to get a better understanding of substance abuse and its treatment. 


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