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What Are the Right Reasons for Getting Sober?

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People get sober for a variety of different reasons. Some people get sober because they commit a serious crime and get locked up with no potential for parole. Some people get sober because they hit a personal rock bottom and have a major revelation. Maybe they get into a car accident while drunk driving, or lose a long-time career, or go through a messy divorce that was directly linked to their drinking. Some people don’t need this much inspiration – they simply recognize they have been drinking too much, and they decide to quit entirely.

Get Clean and Sober for YOURSELF First

Is there a right way to get sober? Is there a right reason for getting sober? The truth is that the “right reason” varies on a person-to-person basis. People get sober for different reasons, and there is nothing wrong with this. The important thing is – of course – that they are getting sober in the first place. Let’s take a look at some reasons why a person might choose to get sober.

  • His or her family and friends have expressed concern, and he or she doesn’t want them to constantly worry or lose sleep. People tend to assume that getting sober for other people doesn’t work – that to stay sober, you have to get sober for yourself. The truth is that you can initially get sober for other people, but to stay sober you start to have to do it for yourself, which will inevitably start to happen over time.
  • He or she experiences significant consequences as a direct result of drinking or drug use which prompt the desire to change. These problems might be interpersonal, legal, financial, work-related, or health-related. Sometimes personal consequences are enough to get a person started on the road to recovery. Maybe someone is going to lose custody of his or her children unless things change – this could be a great starting off point and motivating factor. As they say, “Whatever gets you in the door.”
  • The person might undergo a spiritual experience. If you enter into Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12 step program you will hear about spiritual experiences quite often. This term refers to a single experience a person has that prompts them to get and stay sober. Interestingly enough, a lot of people report having visions – maybe a deceased family member comes to them in a dream, or they have some kind of religious experience. If you have a strange experience that prompts you to want to get clean and sober, try to ride the wave without judgment.

What Are the Right Reasons for Getting Sober?

Are There Wrong Reasons for Getting Sober?

All in all, the right reasons for getting sober can be boiled down to acknowledging a problem and desiring change. Are there any wrong reasons for getting sober? Hey, as long as you commit to sobriety and you can uphold that commitment for an extended period, you are doing just fine. Getting sober is the most important thing, and the reasoning behind it often changes. The longer amount of time you spend in sobriety, the more inclined you will be to stay sober for yourself – because you feel good, and because over time you will gain back some degree of self-respect.

Each Day in Sobriety is a Blessing

It certainly might be easier to stay sober if you are doing it for yourself or if you – at the very least – acknowledge that you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Some “less than favorable” reasons for getting sober include:

  • Doing it just to “shut someone up” or “get someone off of your back.”
  • Doing it to lose a few pounds/get back into shape.
  • Doing it to impress someone who is already in recovery, ie someone you are romantically interested in.
  • Doing it to prove a point.

How to Get Sober If You Don’t Feel Ready

Remember that for addiction treatment to be effective it does not necessarily need to be voluntary. Most men and women who enter into drug rehab do not want to go – they are encouraged to go by family members during an intervention, or given the option to go to rehab or jail after getting their third, fourth, or fifth DUI. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get sober are, Evoke Wellness at Miramar is available to help. Call us today to get started on the journey to sobriety, it’s not fun at first but once you make that first step, each day becomes easier. The freedom that sobriety brings shows that getting sober for the right reasons was the right call to make!