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Understanding Alcohol Chest Pain

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Alcohol consumption has become a common aspect of social life for many, but its detrimental effects on health cannot be overlooked. One alarming consequence that often goes unnoticed is alcohol-induced chest pain. As a leading cause of emergency room visits, alcohol-related chest pain warrants attention and understanding. At Evoke Wellness at Miramar, we recognize the importance of addressing this issue within our alcohol addiction treatment programs, including our specialized men’s rehab program and Veterans rehab program, as we aim to provide comprehensive care for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring conditions like depression.


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), alcohol-related emergency department visits account for approximately 5 million visits annually in the United States. Among these, chest pain is a common complaint, with a significant number of cases being related to alcohol consumption. Furthermore, studies have shown that individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues, including chest pain and heart disease, compared to non-drinkers.

Understanding Alcohol Chest Pain:

Alcohol-induced chest pain can manifest in various forms, ranging from mild discomfort to severe, crushing sensations. It may occur immediately after drinking or as a delayed reaction, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. However, several mechanisms contribute to alcohol-related chest pain:

  1. Esophageal Spasms: Alcohol can irritate the esophagus, leading to spasms that cause chest pain resembling a heart attack.
  2. Gastric Reflux: Excessive alcohol consumption can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, allowing stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus, resulting in a burning sensation in the chest.
  3. Cardiac Effects: Prolonged alcohol abuse can weaken the heart muscle, disrupt heart rhythm, and elevate blood pressure, increasing the risk of chest pain and cardiovascular complications.

What Contributes to Alcohol Related Chest Pain

Seeking Support at Evoke Wellness at Miramar

At Evoke Wellness at Miramar, we offer specialized substance abuse treatment programs tailored to address the unique needs of individuals struggling with alcohol addiction and co-occurring conditions such as depression. Our comprehensive approach combines evidence-based therapies, medical interventions, and holistic modalities to promote lasting recovery and improved overall well-being.

Our men’s rehab program provides a supportive environment where men can explore the underlying factors contributing to their addiction, including societal pressures, trauma, and mental health issues. Similarly, our Veterans program caters to the specific needs of military personnel and veterans, offering trauma-informed care and specialized therapies to address the unique challenges they face.

Through individualized treatment plans, group therapy sessions, and ongoing support, we empower our clients to overcome alcohol addiction and regain control of their lives. By addressing alcohol-related chest pain and its underlying causes, we strive to enhance both physical and emotional health, paving the way for a brighter, alcohol-free future.

Alcohol-induced chest pain is a serious concern that necessitates prompt attention and intervention. At Evoke Wellness at Miramar, we are committed to providing compassionate care and evidence-based treatment for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction and its associated complications. With our specialized programs and personalized approach, we aim to guide our clients towards lasting recovery and a renewed sense of hope and vitality. If you or a loved one is experiencing alcohol-related chest pain or seeking support for alcohol addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Help is available, and healing is possible.

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