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Is South Florida the Addiction Recovery Capital?

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South Florida is the recovery capital of the world because it’s known for a vibrant recovery community with a safe, nurturing, and positive environment. South Florida is highly supportive of recovering addicts. There are hundreds of half-way houses, sober restaurants, clubs, coffee houses, and recovery radio shows on almost every corner. South Florida has some of the best drug rehab facilities in the country. Residents are very fortunate and out-of-state and even international residents are moving to Florida looking for the best treatment facilities and sunny skies. Since Florida is a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of part-time jobs, the weather is hard to beat, and living accommodations are affordable. Is South Florida the Addiction Recovery Capital?

Why Is South Florida the Addiction Recovery Capital?

When an individual finally decides they want recovery, most know that removing themselves from their old environment gives them the best chance at long-term recovery. There are a lot of advantages to receiving treatment in South Florida. The climate all year round is favorable, it is a relaxing natural environment, and one has easy access to the beach, sun, sand, and surf. Also, the rapidly growing recovery community makes it easier for new individuals to connect with others to help them stay sober and avoid relapse. There are hundreds of weekly AA meetings available all over South Florida. Some people come for treatment and leave after they’ve got a good grounding in their recovery, but a lot of people end up making South Florida their permanent home. Having a strong recovery community is a benefit to those trying to get clean and sober because without the needed support we often fall back into our old ways. When we talk about Florida, specifically South Florida is where most of the recovery twelve-step meetings and treatment facilities are located, including Evoke Wellness at Miramar and our headquarters at Evoke Wellness in Miramar, Florida.

What Is the “Florida Model” of Addiction Treatment?

Many of the rehabilitation facilities in South Florida practice holistic health treatment. This approach focuses on healing the body, mind, and spirit of addicts. A lot of treatment centers offer meditation, nutritional therapy, and other interventions that help to improve the body-mind connection. Treatment and recovery in the “Florida Model” occur in steps. An individual would first enter a detox and primary care rehab for some time. After that, treatment occurs in steps. Outpatient or extended care would come after detox, and then the individual would enter a halfway house or transitional care facility. During their time in transitional care, they would look for a part-time job. This whole idea starts the person off with a lot of structure, which is what an addict needs at first, and then gradually the amount of structure gets less and less so they can slowly reintegrate back into society. The environment in South Florida is one of healing. People feel less institutionalized being near a beach. This makes something as difficult as treatment, a more positive experience, and contributes to an overall sense of hope and well-being. Also, the recovery community in South Florida is so large, an individual can find and make close connections with others going through the same thing as them; they won’t be or feel alone. Packing up your bags and moving across the country to go to rehab is a scary thought. However, when you find a place like South Florida that has such a huge and supportive recovery community, it does make things a little easier. Sometimes the best thing an addict can do for their recovery is get away from their old environment and completely start over. The chance of long-term recovery and avoiding relapse is a lot greater.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, our addiction specialists are available around the clock to assist you. Evoke Wellness at Miramar offers cutting edge addiction treatment. We are South Florida’s premier medical detox and residential treatment facility. We will help you rebuild your life and get on the road to long-lasting recovery. Call us today for more information and our Recovery Advocates will be glad to assist you or a loved one.