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How to Overcome Ketamine Addictions?

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Let’s get this question out of the way – is ketamine addictive? The answer is more than a resounding yes. Studies have shown that tolerance can develop very quickly and lead to a need to take more and more of the substance, eventually leading to physical and mental dependence. Just how addictive is ketamine? That tends to vary from person to person, but once addicted, it can be tough to beat without proper guidance. For those looking for how to overcome ketamine addictions, Evoke Wellness at Miramar’sSouth Florida-based rehabilitation experts have created this guide to help you understand whether or not you’ve developed a dependency and what to do if you have. 

What Are the Symptoms of a Ketamine Addiction?

The first step in understanding how to overcome ketamine addictions is to understand how to identify whether or not you have developed a dependency on the drug. Both fortunately and unfortunately, there are many symptoms associated with this substance that are easy to identify.

Short-Term Effects of Ketamine: 

  • Slow breathing
  • Hallucinations
  • Trouble maintaining consciousness
  • Confusion and amnesia
  • Hallucinations and feeling as though one was dreaming 
  • Increase in blood pressure

Long-Term Side Effects

  • Kidney issues
  • Pain or ulcers in the bladder 
  • Depression

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to start considering if you are a ketamine addict and start considering how to overcome your ketamine addiction.

How to Go About Overcoming a Ketamine Drug Addiction?

 a pile of ketamine powder with two snorting straws next to it.When trying to kick a ketamine addiction, there are two avenues to consider – you can do it alone, or you can kick your addiction with the help of a treatment center. If you decide to go about it alone, understand that there are some risks involved for both your physical and mental health. Also, when doing it alone, it’s important to understand what your withdrawal symptoms could do.

  • Shakiness
  • Heavy sweating
  • An irregular heartbeat

Some of these symptoms could be dangerous, so our South Florida detox center highly recommends seeking professional help for your recovery. Being in a monitored situation is better for your overall health. You will be tended to by professionals who have seen these same withdrawal symptoms in countless patients and know exactly how to help you overcome a ketamine addiction in a safe way.

Professional Ketamine Addiction Recovery 

Just because you know how to overcome a ketamine addiction does not mean it will be easy. Whether doing it alone or with help, there will be cravings for the substance that could continue for years, if not a lifetime. South Florida’s Evoke Wellness Center has helped countless people beat addictions of all kinds, paving the way for a healthy and happy life. Get in touch with our team today and get started on your recovery, no matter the substance. Or have a look at our wellness blog to learn more about substance abuse of all kinds and hopefully better understand the struggle that you or somebody you may know is going through.

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