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Learning To Love Yourself In Recovery

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What exactly is self-love? Self-love is appreciating oneself by performing actions that support physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. It means thinking highly of oneself and having a high regard for your own happiness and well-being. Third, self-love is taking care of your own needs and putting yourself first. Finally, it means not sacrificing your own needs or well-being to please others or settling for less than you deserve. Learning To Love Yourself In Recovery

More About Practicing Self-Love

Self-love is accepting yourself as you are in the moment; it is accepting your emotions and putting yourself first above all. Self-love can also be self-care. Self-love can mean different things for different people because each person has a different way of taking care of themselves. Finding out what self-love is for you is very important to your mental health. Practicing self-love can be really difficult especially for those of us in recovery, but it’s so important for us to get better. For us to practice self-love, we have to choose ourselves first even if that means upsetting others. It also means remaining authentic and taking the best care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Some Other Ways We Can Practice Self-Love

Good self-love means wearing clothes that make us feel good about ourselves, learning to accept ourselves just as we are, constructing a life we are proud of, taking time to do things we enjoy and that brings us joy, not dwelling on our past mistakes, trusting our path in life, and learning to set healthy boundaries. Some other ways we can practice self-love can include:

  • Filling your needs rather than wants – Stay focused on what you need instead of what you want. This will help you avoid bad behaviors and patterns that can get you in trouble, keeping you stuck in your past and lessening self-love.
  • Practicing good self-care – Taking good care of yourself daily by getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, getting some kind of exercise, doing some healthy activities, and having good intimate and healthy relationships will help you love yourself more.
  • Being mindful – Knowing what you think, want, and feel helps you love yourself more.
  • Making room for healthy habits – Do things because you genuinely care about yourself not because you have to. Take good care of your physical, mental, and spiritual life.

Practicing self-love makes you make healthy choices in your life and hold yourself in high esteem. It is nurturing your well-being and looking in the mirror and telling yourself you love yourself. Be kind, gentle, patient, and compassionate with yourself just like you would do for someone else.

How To Love Yourself In Recovery?

Learning to love yourself in recovery takes time and is a process. A good place to start is by removing yourself from any negative influences around you and replacing your negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones. Let go of all of the shame and guilt from your past and your addiction. Take the time to work on yourself a little each day. Before you can truly love anyone else, you have to love yourself!

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