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Is There a Cure to Drug Addiction?

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So many people who are struggling with a drug addiction wish they could just wave a magic wand or take some special medicine that will cure and remove addiction from their life. You may even hear about some drug company claiming that they have finally found a cure, but that just isn’t the reality of this situation. While addiction is treatable and thousands of people go on to living long, happy, healthy, and substance-free lives, addiction as a whole does not have a cure. When most people think of the term “cured” from a disease, they imagine it being completely removed from a person and never to be seen or heard from again. It is a permanent solution. This is not the addiction case. Yes, you can treat it, but the addiction side will always be there. Is There a Cure to Drug Addiction?

What Happens When You Abuse Drugs?

Abusing substances and becoming addicted to them changes the reward pathways in the person’s brain. As an example, when someone takes heroin to feel “calm” or “better” their body will get used to that. When a situation arises that prompts the opposite of being calm happens, so will the urge to use that drug. When you stop using drugs for good, your reward pathways will remain the same. This is why it is so common for people in the recovery world to accept that there is no cure for addiction. So many people have gotten clean, stayed sober for years and rebuilt their lives, and decided that they are cured of addiction only to find themselves right back in its grasp when they go back to drugs or drinking because they thought they were cured. That’s just not how it works. Addiction will always be there.

Is There a Real Cure to Drug Abuse?

Just because addiction is something that will always be with you does not mean you are in a hopeless situation. Accepting the problem of addiction for what it is, is the first step to releasing the hold that addiction has on your life. Then you will be able to completely live a life outside of substance abuse and addiction. As previously mentioned, since there is no cure for drug addiction, the way to regain your life is with treatment. The first step in doing that is through medically-assisted drug detox.

The Cure is Recovery, And it Starts With Detox

This involves removing the substances in your body. It is always advised to do this step in a detox center so you have access to medical staff and have the best chance at making it through this step. Withdrawal and detox from drugs can be very painful and often leads to a relapse when not done in a medical setting. After this, we recommend going to an intensive inpatient treatment followed by a residential rehab, like a halfway house, to continue with your recovery. Here you will get involved in different kinds of therapies and understand the root of your addiction. Once the decision has been made to return to your everyday life, most people choose to get involved in some sort of 12-step programs like AA, NA, or CA. Here you will be able to connect with other recovering addicts and find strength and hope within the fellowship. 12 step programs are proven to work time and time again, as hundreds of thousands of people have remained sober after joining one of these fellowships.

Can You Be Cured of Addiction With Rehab

Drug addiction is a chronic and progressive disease if left undertreated, but it can be reversed and managed through rehabilitation and following a 12-step program of recovery. While addiction treatment is not a simple one, many people find success by utilizing these options. Understanding the underlying causes, taking preventative measures, and getting help only increases the hope that sobriety and recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong achievement. A lifetime of sobriety starts with you. We are here for you and want to help you succeed. If you or a loved one have a drug addiction the professionals at Evoke Wellness at Miramar can help you on the path to sobriety.