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Is Hydromorphone Stronger Than Oxycodone?

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Both hydromorphone and oxycodone are opioid narcotic medications, most commonly used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Both medications have a high potential for abuse, and can only be obtained when they are prescribed by a licensed medical professional. Hydromorphone is the generic name for the drug Dilaudid, a potent synthetic narcotic that can lead to physical and psychological dependence in as little as two or three weeks. Oxycodone is semi-synthetic, on the other hand, and is the generic name for the drugs OxyContin, Tylox, and Percodan. Some additional similarities between the two drugs include:

  • They can both be administered in tablet or liquid form
  • They are both used to treat moderate or severe pain that cannot be easily treated with over-the-counter painkillers
  • Both medications can be administered in an extended-release form, which is ideal for individuals who need a more potent form of the drug
  • Both medications are considered a “last resort” for pain relief, meaning that they are only used when other pain relievers prove to be ineffective
  • The dose of each medication will depend on its form and the needs of each client – both of the medications are more potent in their liquid form than in their tablet form
  • Both medications have similar side effects, including drowsiness and dizziness

While there are many similarities between the two medications, the strengths of each medication do vary significantly. Let’s go over if hydromorphone is more powerful than oxycodone and the reasons behind the difference in strength for these two opioids. Is Hydromorphone Stronger Than Oxycodone?

Is Hydromorphone More Powerful Than Oxycodone?

Hydromorphone is stronger than oxycodone, and is generally used for the treatment of severe pain – acute pain that occurs after a major injury is sustained, or pain that results from cancer and cancer treatment. Hydromorphone is stronger than morphine, and it responds more quickly, allowing for near-instantaneous pain relief. If an individual has been prescribed either of these two medications, he or she will need to be weaned off of the drug slowly to prevent symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal.

What Happens If You Abuse Hydromorphone and Oxycodone?

Because both of the medications have the potential to be habit-forming, use must be closely monitored by a medical professional. Even when taken exactly as prescribed, addiction can occur in a matter of weeks. If you believe that you (or someone you care about) have been struggling with a prescription opioid addiction, there are several signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for. These include:

  • An inability to cut back on or control opiate use despite a desire to do so
  • Intense psychological cravings that lead to continued use
  • Drowsiness and fatigue, coupled with changes in sleep patterns
  • A loss of appetite can lead to weight loss
  • A lack of attention paid to personal hygiene
  • Isolating from friends and family members
  • Experiencing financial and legal issues
  • Stealing money from friends or family members to support a habit
  • Attempting to get more than one hydromorphone or oxycodone prescription at a time
  • Purchasing either one of these medications from a friend or acquaintance
  • Building a physical tolerance, meaning more hydromorphone or oxycodone is required for the desired results to be achieved
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped suddenly

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