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Build a foundation for lasting recovery

How to Recover from Addiction

Recovery from drug addiction and chemical dependency can be a long and difficult road for anyone suffering from addiction. The first step is probably the most important, realizing and admitting that you have a problem and need help. The second step would probably be detoxification followed by a rehabilitation program. There are several different options for addiction treatment. There are multiple rehabilitation centers across the country, most of which focus on the traditional 12-step program. Our evidence-based and solution-focused rehab program at Evoke Wellness at Miramar has successfully helped countless men, women, and families overcome substance abuse.

What does it Take to Recover from Addiction?

Residential Rehabilitation Centers There are several options for those seeking addiction help. Inpatient residential programs offer a wide variety of treatment options. Most are 28 to 90-day programs but can last longer if need be. The rise in addiction has become higher and higher throughout the years thus creating the need for more facilities in this area. To break it down, most people check into a residential program (either by force or will) and are given a specific counselor and are expected to attend several educational group sessions where they learn about their disease. Although not everyone believes it is a genetic disease, it has been known to affect those with a family history of addiction. Advantages of inpatient addiction treatment centers There are several advantages of attending an inpatient/residential program. For one, your privacy is protected. Another is more one on one attention. Although there are several hours of downtime and some places do not allow contact with the phones or the internet, it is helpful in the fact that it helps the addict focus on themselves and their recovery process. If the addict has health insurance there are many facilities that accept insurance, thus lowering the cost of treatment as it can be quite costly. Many patients may feel apprehensible at first but finding the right facility that fits one’s needs is important. For example, if nutrition and exercise will help with the recovery than it is important to research what facilities offer what, as there are state-funded centers that keep patients on what one would consider a “look-down” meaning no privileges until they change. However, many inpatient centers can also provide much-needed help to their patients, teaching them how to change their habits and adapt to a new healthy lifestyle. Is Inpatient Treatment for Me? If one truly wants to get help then they have several options. Depending on their financial situation and insurance coverage they need to seek the best possible treatment for recovery. The success rate for addicts staying in recovery is low, but do not be discouraged. There are thousands of people who have maintained recovery through hard work and determination. People in recovery need to change their complete lifestyles. This can be hard especially if there are limited resources in your area. Here are a few tips to help stay in recovery. The first days in a residential program can be hard, however, it does get easier. In the early stages of recovery, there are many changes a person will go through both emotionally and physically. The emotional part alone can be somewhat of a nightmare. Getting angry for no reason or being irrational are amongst a few of the feelings that will surface. Some people in recovery claim to be on a “pink cloud” meaning they are super happy for a while, but that feeling eventually disappears and the rest of their emotions surface. Physically they may feel better, after detoxing of course. They may have more energy to do daily tasks that they were once unable to do or did not care about doing. Recovery from Addiction There are effective things a recovering addict can do to avoid a relapse. Staying busy will help with recovery as well. Getting a job working long hours will help keep busy and finding new hobbies will also help. Exercise is a great way to help feel better and healthier. Taking vitamins and eating healthy is another way to feel better. Changing all of their habits is crucial as is removing themselves from their old friends. Many successful addicts in recovery say that quitting will make one feel much better and that it is completely worth it. There are thousands of addicts who have successfully quit using drugs and have improved their lives drastically. Start the journey to sobriety today by reaching out for help.