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Do You Feel Withdrawal When Coming Off Crack Cocaine?

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Crack cocaine is a potent and highly habit-forming stimulant drug. This is a form of powdered cocaine that comes in a rock (or crystalline) form, and it is generally smoked. However, crack cocaine can also be reduced to a liquid and injected directly into the veins. While cocaine – in its powdered form – is a highly addictive drug, most individuals who use this chemical substance will not develop a physical and psychological dependence the first several times they use it. In most cases, those who use powdered cocaine nasally will develop a substance abuse disorder within a month or two of daily (or near-daily) use. Crack cocaine, on the other hand, is a highly addictive chemical substance. Many crack cocaine users report developing a psychological dependency with just one use. Do You Feel Withdrawal When Coming Off Crack Cocaine?

Is Crack Cocaine Withdrawal Real?

There are many signs and symptoms associated with crack cocaine dependence, one of the most common and dangerous being symptoms of withdrawal with abruptly ceased use. To avoid these withdrawal symptoms, many individuals will continue using crack cocaine despite negative personal consequences. Once someone develops a physical and psychological dependence of any kind, they will begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms as soon as they stop taking the chemical substance. The symptoms associated with crack cocaine withdrawal are largely psychological – in most instances, the physical symptoms of withdrawal will be less severe and easily treated in a South Florida medical detox facility like Evoke Wellness Miramar. Crack cocaine withdrawal typically happens in two phases; first of all, the acute withdrawal will take place and last for between one and three days. Once acute withdrawal symptoms subside, they will be replaced by protracted withdrawal symptoms. While crack cocaine withdrawal is not as uncomfortable as opioid withdrawal in comparison, the emotional detox can be extremely draining and the cravings to use again are very strong. Crack cocaine can also have severe impacts on the brain and the nervous system which also should be considered when dealing with this type of drug addiction.

What Are the Effects of Crack Cocaine Withdrawal?

Symptoms of acute crack cocaine withdrawal can often include:

  • Exhaustion coupled with an inability to fall asleep/insomnia.
  • Other sleep-related issues like persistent and disruptive nightmares.
  • Mood swings are usually characterized by angry outbursts, irritability, and increased agitation.
  • Difficulty concentrating and paying attention.
  • Anxiety can sometimes lead to panic attacks during protracted withdrawal as it worsens in severity.

Symptoms of protracted crack cocaine withdrawal include:

  • Severe depression and feelings of deep and persistent sadness can sometimes lead to suicidal ideation.
  • Severe anxiety often leads to panic attacks.
  • Extreme agitation.
  • Angry and violent outbursts.
  • Body tremors and uncontrollable shaking.
  • Extreme psychological cravings, often lead to relapse if left untreated.
  • Severe insomnia and a worsening of nightmares.
  • Lethargy/an extreme lack of motivation to complete even the most menial daily tasks.
  • An inability to feel any degree of pleasure or happiness.
  • In extreme cases, hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis.

If you are looking to overcome crack cocaine addiction long-term, attending a medical detox program will be a necessary first step. At Evoke Wellness, Florida, we treat drug addiction of all kinds with a comprehensive and effective medical detox program; one that was carefully developed with pain-free withdrawal and client comfort in mind.

The Road to Crack Cocaine Addiction Recovery

The road to crack cocaine addiction recovery always begins with medically monitored detox. As previously mentioned, the physical and psychological symptoms associated with crack cocaine withdrawal can be severe when not constantly overseen and treated by a team of medical professionals. At Evoke Wellness Miramar, we treat men and women of all ages, demographics, and personal backgrounds who have been suffering at the hands of drug addiction. Our unmatched level of quality clinical care combined with our state-of-the-art, luxury facility makes for a detox experience one cannot find in a traditional state-run facility. To learn more about our comprehensive program of crack cocaine addiction recovery and to learn more about our detox services, feel free to give us a call today.