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Does Lil Wayne Still Drink Codeine Syrup?

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Codeine syrup, better known as one of its many nicknames such as purp, sizzurp, dirty sprite, or lean, is a prescription opioid drug that is normally prescribed to treat mild pain or used as a cough suppressant. Codeine syrup is something that has been widely abused for many years. Lil Wayne’s history of abuse of codeine syrup is something that is widely known. His abuse of this drug is mentioned in a lot of his music as well as at many tracks he is featured on including “Codeine Dreaming”. Does Lil Wayne Still Drink Codeine Syrup?

Lil Wayne’s History with Codeine Cough Syrup Abuse

Lil Wayne has had a very long history of codeine abuse. At the beginning of September of 2017, the “Lollipop” rapper suffered from many seizures and was found to be unconscious in his hotel room when in Chicago. He was then hospitalized and released a few days later. This is not Lil Wayne’s first time having seizures and being hospitalized. In 2013, the rapper was left in critical condition where very large amounts of codeine were found in his system. While there is a lot of speculation that codeine was the cause of his seizures, he says it can be blamed on not taking his seizure medications. Both points could be true considering how much of his music is based around and references his codeine use. As Lil Wayne has grown older, his references to codeine faded over time, then returned, and it has spiraled through phases over the years. One thing is for certain, which is that man loves his codeine, despite all the negative consequences it can have on your health, the first one being a full-blown opioid addiction that you’ll have to deal with and overcome. Codeine is no joke and it’s very painful trying to come off it by yourself.

Lil Wayne Made Drinking Lean Popular Through Music

There are not many more artists as famous as Lil Wayne that are more associated with substance abuse than Weezy himself. It does seem as though Lil Wayne kept sober during 3-year probation after an 8-month stay in prison, but he has been hospitalized since then, so we cannot say with confidence he has remained sober. Before his time behind bars, Lil Wayne was hardly ever seen without a Styrofoam cup in his hand filled with this prescription cough syrup. But this was just more than recreational use for Lil Wayne; it became a part of his musical style. He turned into the raspy edge, contact high sort of rapper when the codeine abuse became part of his image. You can even tell a difference in his music style when he was writing behind bars versus on drugs.

Is Lil Wayne Drinking Codeine Syrup Now?

The fact of the matter is, a healthy Wayne is better than no Wayne at all. Musicians are so often romanticized when you see them high on drugs and making tons of money, but the only place that is going to end you up in is a grave. It happens time and time again. There has not been a lot of buzz around Lil Wayne as of late to know for sure if he is still using codeine syrup or not, however, it is unlikely that he has learned from his mistakes. It does seem however that he has graduated touting much around much harder drugs than just codeine. On December 23, 2019, after Lil Wayne’s private jet landed in Miami, police were ready with a search warrant to search his jet where they found a gold-plated handgun along with ammunition, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, painkillers, heroin, and a load of codeine cough syrup.

Are You or a Loved One Addicted to Codeine?

This is a perfect example for someone who may think taking codeine syrup for fun is no big deal. Codeine is an opioid medication that is habit-forming and causes withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it after long-term use. While it is not the strongest opioid on the market, it can cause a wide range of negative effects on your health, including classic opioid withdrawal symptoms which are painful and uncomfortable to deal with on your own, without any medical help or therapeutic support. Abuse and addiction to this drug can also cause you to graduate to harder and more potent drugs like heroin. Lil Wayne seems to be the perfect example of this. It is never too early to seek help for abuse and addiction and no one is exempt from becoming a victim of codeine dependence or misusing any other opioid-based prescription drug. If you want help to get your life (or a loved one’s) back on track, our team that specializes in treating all cases of opioid addiction at Evoke Wellness Miramar is ready and waiting to help.