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Can You Inject Fentanyl?

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Fentanyl is a synthetic (man-made) opiate drug initially developed to treat severe chronic pain most commonly for patients who were near the end of life. Fentanyl has become a popular street drug over the last few years because drug dealers began to mix it with heroin to increase their profits. The idea was to mix heroin with Fentanyl because Fentanyl is a much more potent drug, resulting in a very strong and dangerous product. People have started overdosing and dying in large numbers because fentanyl is so potent and deadly. However, opioid addicts now often choose Fentanyl over heroin because of its strength and purity.

Fentanyl is Stronger Than Heroin

Today, drug dealers have new types of drug addicts to serve. The newer version of an opiate addict prefers Fentanyl over heroin. Fentanyl is often produced in China and Mexico strictly for selling it illegally on the streets to opiate addicts in the United States. The primary way that Fentanyl is ingested by opioid addicts is through the use of a hypodermic needle or through insufflation (through the nose). Before the introduction of Fentanyl cut heroin on the streets, transdermal (absorbed through the skin) Fentanyl patches were also sought after by opiate addicts. The gel that is normally absorbed via the skin was collected and diluted with water and heated and then injected. Fentanyl can certainly be injected but it’s very risky because if you dose too much, it’s very easy to overdose on fentanyl as it’s so potent that it’s measured in micrograms and milligrams. Can You Inject Fentanyl?

Dangers of Injecting Fentanyl

The danger of injecting Fentanyl that is bought off the street is that the user has no idea of how potent the Fentanyl mixture is. Illegal Fentanyl powder is also cut with lactose or other substances, sometimes with substances that can cause a medical emergency. Fentanyl dealers cut their Fentanyl with cheap substances, that won’t be obvious to the buyer because they are odorless and colorless. Substances like baby aspirin, baking powder, chalk, and other prescription opiates are often used to cut Fentanyl. Most Fentanyl IV drug addicts eventually recognize that their score of Fentanyl was cut, but that does not mean drug users can discern what their Fentanyl was cut with, again adding to the danger of accidental overdose and medical conditions related to the adverse reactions to the substance that was used to cut the Fentanyl.

Fentanyl Causes Quick Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has studied the trend of illegal Fentanyl and why it causes men and women to become addicted to it so quickly. NIDA generalizes how injecting drugs causes a more significant addiction because of how fast the drug enters the bloodstream and brain, as well as how potent Fentanyl is. NIDA also acknowledges that addicts develop a much higher tolerance to Fentanyl when it is injected, leading to even more dangerous drug intake levels.

The rewarding effects of opioids – whether they are medications, heroin, or illicitly produced synthetic opioids, such as Fentanyl – are increased when they are delivered rapidly into the brain, which is why non-medical users often inject them directly into the bloodstream. Fentanyl, in particular, is highly fat-soluble, which allows it to rapidly enter the brain, leading to a fast onset of effects… Another important property of opioid drugs is their tendency, when used repeatedly over time, to induce tolerance.  Tolerance occurs when the person no longer responds to the drug as strongly as he or she initially did, thus necessitating a higher dose to achieve the same effect. (NIDA)

The dangers that Fentanyl addiction has for opioid-dependence individuals are extensive. People who are addicted to Fentanyl will develop a much higher tolerance for the drug and require more to get high. Fentanyl addicts also risk their lives every time they inject Fentanyl because it is illegally manufactured and often cut with substances that can damage their bodies and even kill them. The only solution for a person who injects Fentanyl is to get professional help for their addiction. There is no other reason a person would inject Fentanyl other than having an addiction to curb their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Evoke is Here to Help Kick Fentanyl Addiction

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