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Can Alcohol Be Injected?

The insistent craving that many individuals experience for alcohol is known by many names, such as alcohol addiction, alcohol dependency, or alcoholism. Nonetheless, whatever terminology is given to the disease, the same characteristics follow the condition. A noticeable lack of control regarding how often and how much alcohol to use in any given instance is one such sign. For some others, alcohol dependency may completely take over their lives to the extent that relationships, work, and school suffer in the process. Yet, some others are high bottoms who appear okay on the outside but still rely on alcohol for normal functioning.

However, the focus of this topic is on the ways by which individuals may consume alcohol. Certainly, the term alcohol encompasses all beverages and substances capable of eliciting the drunken nature in a person if taken in excess. Under this classification, alcohol means beer, wine, and liquor like vodka or whiskey. With these alcoholic beverages, the method of consumption is most commonly by pouring in a glass and drinking it down. But like some drugs, can alcohol be injected into the veins as a means of taking it up?

Can Alcohol Be Injected?

Alcohol Injected Through the Veins: Possible or Not?

Individuals who take alcohol by injection are a rare occurrence. This rarity of incidence does not mean it cannot happen, but the weight of the issue lies in why it should not. The way the substance moves through the system explains this better.

It is well known that for any substance to be addictive, it must have the potential to affect the brain somehow. Now, with drugs like cocaine or heroin, people can inject themselves with it, and it slowly makes its way to the brain. There, they alter things and bring about pleasurable feelings that only last a short while. Alcohol follows a different route since it first needs to be ingested through the mouth and goes to the stomach for digestion. From here, alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream and then flows to the brain.

On the other hand, if individuals were just directly to inject alcohol straight into their bloodstream, it takes a far shorter time to get to the brain. In essence, this means that the individual can immediately get drunk, increasing the risks for alcohol poisoning. Also, because of the immediate effects, the potential for overdose becomes seemingly limitless, with the possibility of these conditions turning fatal just looming on the horizon.

Finding Help for Alcoholism

Whatever the route that you or a loved one may have used in imbibing alcohol in the past, help is still very much obtainable. Proper rehabilitation to break free from alcohol dependency is a sensitive but core process that must be undergone to bring about sobriety. Furthermore, alcohol addiction treatment will help the dependent individual avoid all the dangers associated with the disease, such as liver cirrhosis and other fatal effects. Typical rehab programs for alcoholism include medical detoxification, residential care, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, amongst others.

Evoke Wellness Miramar is an accredited recovery center, having top-quality, licensed personnel to help facilitate the rehabilitation process. In addition, the facility offers a spectrum of recovery plans to address individuals’ specific issues. Whether it be a problem with alcohol, drugs, or a co-occurring addiction, its doors are opened wide to offer help accordingly. For more information, contact a center advocate today.

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