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Ambien Overdose: Symptoms & Treatment

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Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic drug often prescribed to treat insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns. Ambien is the brand name for zolpidem and works by reducing nerve activity in the brain. Unfortunately, the medication is addictive and can harm the brain and body. A major concern for individuals who misuse the drug is experiencing a potential overdose. An Ambien overdose can happen when a person takes a high dose of the substance or mixes it with other drugs such as alcohol.  

Can You Overdose on Ambien?

A doctor will prescribe Ambien for short-term use to treat insomnia. An overdose occurs if a person takes the drug longer than prescribed and in a higher dose. It’s not uncommon for a user to mix sedative medications with alcohol or other illicit or prescription drugs. The interaction worsens symptoms and adverse side effects, which can lead to tremors, coma, or death.    People tend to build a tolerance to the drug but are hooked on the intensity that the pills produce, such as a relaxing sensation or a sense of drowsiness. The leading cause of Ambien or zolpidem overdose is its interaction with other drugs. Synthetic or street drugs have an increased tendency to cause a rapid negative impact on the brain and body, especially when mixed with medication meant to treat the inability to sleep or stay asleep for an extended period.    There are different ways to consume the drug, such as injection or orally. Intravenous (IV) Ambien intake is used to reduce cocaine effects, and some may interact the medication with alcohol to bypass withdrawal symptoms. An Ambien detox is highly recommended if a user is undergoing increased dangerous symptoms or attempting to self-medicate.  

How Much Ambien to Overdose?

To fatally overdose on Ambien, a user takes a lethal dose of 2,000 milligrams. A person can take a smaller dose resulting in overdose symptoms. How a person takes the drug may also affect the fate of a person’s life since injection or pill form of Ambien can have different results. People may snort or inject the drug, forcing the effects to occur faster. The average dose of Ambien starts at 5 to 10 mg, so a person can easily consume more than the prescribed dose by snorting or injecting the drug into the body.   

Ambien Overdose Symptoms

Understanding the difference between drug misuse and drug abuse is important before taking any prescription pills. Researching the long-term and short-term effects is highly encouraged, as well as speaking to a doctor about any underlying conditions or previous addictions. The Ambien overdose amount determines the risks of overdose. Here are common symptoms of Ambien overdose:  

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory loss
  • Stomach pain
  • Hallucinations
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Impaired judgment
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Poor motor coordination
  • Muscle aches and cramps
  • Shallow or reduced breathing
  • Uncontrollable shaking or tremors
  • Joint pain, especially in the neck or back

  If you are witnessing someone having an Ambien overdose, seeking immediate medical attention is necessary. A common overdose remedy is flumazenil which reduces side effects and can assist a person who has gone unconscious. Attending an easy detox rehab is advised for those struggling with substance abuse. 

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