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Benzo Addictions, When Do They Start?

Benzodiazepine or benzos are often prescribed to help treat insomnia, anxiety and panic disorders, and seizures. Unfortunately, benzos are addictive, and many people find themselves dependent on certain drugs under

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Pink prescription pills write the letter "help" out on a blue table.

How to Help Someone with Addiction

Substance use disorder (SUD) is when a person loses control over their emotional well-being and actions. The condition is complex and many individuals struggle in denial before seeking professional medical

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Above view of the poppy plant.

Where Does Opium Come From?

Opium is a highly-addictive, naturally-occurring substance. The milky sap extracted from the opium poppy plant contains isoquinoline alkaloids, which bind to nucleic acids. Alkaloids help develop functional proteins and a

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The words "drug abuse" are highlighted in yellow on a newspaper.

Drug Abuse in Colleges

College is a memorable experience for many since it provides fresh opportunities, new relationships, and independence. Besides, universities’ positive attributes to new arrivals, there is a severe concern about drug

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