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Dilaudid Addiction Detox in South Florida

Dilaudid Detox Program

What is Dilaudid?

Dilaudid is an extremely potent man-made (synthetic) opioid drug that is prescribed for medical conditions that cause moderate to severe pain. Diagnoses that are likely to require Dilaudid for pain relief include burns, terminal cancer patients, after a significant injury, or following invasive surgeries. Dilaudid is the brand name for a prescription-only narcotic pain reliever hydromorphone.

This drug is considered highly addictive and is classified as a Schedule II narcotic by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Only legal drugs that are considered very addictive are classified as a schedule II, such as oxycontin, morphine, and many prescription pain killers.  Schedule I drug classification by the DEA is solely reserved for illegal substances such as heroin.

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Who Uses Dilaudid?

Most doctors will not prescribe Dilaudid for acute pain, as this drug is more commonly reserved for chronic pain. Dilaudid is available in pills, liquid solution for an IV drip or orally, and is also available as a suppository. Since Dilaudid is an opioid medication, it can cause physical dependence and addiction after only a few weeks or months of regular consumption. Dilaudid not only diminishes pain but causes intense euphoria, which is the high people become addicted too. Like other opioid drugs, Dilaudid attaches to specialized receptors in the brain and central nervous system. The effects of Dilaudid tell the brain and CNS to release large amounts of dopamine and activates endorphins; both of these body chemicals are responsible for causing a person to experience pleasure and helps them feel calm and relaxed.

People who become addicted to Dilaudid very likely first received it initially in a hospital setting after major surgery, injury, or burn. For persons who are experiencing chronic and debilitating pain, they are more commonly prescribed Dilaudid outside of a hospital setting. Dilaudid is also sold illegally on the streets to drug-seeking cultures that favor opiates. Many people who are addicted to heroin and or prescription pain killers are likely to come across Dilaudid. Dilaudid has a well-known reputation among substance abusers as being an intoxicating opiate drug.

The number of people who are using Dilaudid is alarming. According to an article published in the New York Times, the United States surpasses other countries in how much Dilaudid is prescribed here. Th NYT states that the enormous popularity of Dilaudid in the Unites States in 2010 meant that the U.S bought more than half of the world’s supply of manufactured Dilaudid.

Patients in the United States consumed 65 percent of the world’s hydromorphone, the key ingredient in Dilaudid, in 2010. (NYT, 2014)

Signs and Symptoms of Dilaudid Addiction

Because Dilaudid is powerful, it is also responsible for causing many people to become physically dependent on it and addicted to it. The signs and symptoms of Dilaudid addiction will mirror other opioid drug addictions such as heroin, Fentanyl, and prescription pain killers. In a relatively short amount of time, people who regularly take Dilaudid will develop a tolerance. Tolerance to a drug means that the dose or amount no longer causes the desired effect. For persons who are addicted to Dilaudid, this means they will take more and more Dilaudid to get their preferred results. Once physical tolerance and dependence develop, this strongly indicates the likelihood of addiction. Common symptoms of Dilaudid addiction include:

Other indicators that someone has become addicted to Dilaudid are unemployment, missing school, criminal arrests, avoiding family and friends, and doctor shopping (seeing more than one doctor for a Dilaudid prescription).

Dilaudid Withdrawal Symptoms

Dilaudid withdrawal symptoms can begin as soon as a few hours after taking Dilaudid. Symptoms can also start as late as 12 or 24 hours after the last dose. However, the withdrawal symptoms, in either case, are usually quite severe. Attempting to detox from Dilaudid without medications and medical supervision is never recommended. Symptoms can cause irregular heartbeat and cardiomyopathy, unconsciousness, and even coma or death. How much and for how long a person was using Dilaudid will also indicate how severe their withdrawal symptoms will be. Dilaudid withdrawal symptoms include:

Help for Dilaudid Addiction

To help someone who is experiencing Dilaudid detox symptoms, this person must receive medical attention. Medical practitioners who specialize in Dilaudid and other opioid drug addiction will immediately supply the individual with all necessary medication to help diminish and reverse their symptoms. The most common medication that is prescribed for Dilaudid addiction withdrawal symptoms is Buprenorphine and methadone. When prescribed, these medications instantly help an addicted person who is suffering from Dilaudid withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, doctors are likely to prescribe sleep medications and other drugs to alleviate nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The safest environment for some who is addicted to Dilaudid is a professional opioid and Dilaudid detox center.

Evoke Wellness FL offers medically supervised Dilaudid detox services in our Florida Dilaudid detox. Evoke Wellness Florida provides advanced medically supervised detox programs for persons who are physically dependent and addicted to opiate drugs like Dilaudid. We allow every client to rest and relax during their detox. Once a client is feeling better, we provide them one on one counseling and group counseling to help regulate their emotions and mental health.

Dilaudid addiction can be overcome with the right support and recovery program. The first step in ending this addiction that typically holds people in for many years is first to be admitted into our medically supervised Florida Dilaudid detox centers. Evoke Wellness FL has been successfully helping those struggling with substance abuse for years. Our detox programs work directly with our specialized treatment programs. Every client is encouraged to remain at our center after their detox from Dilaudid to be treated for their addiction.

We offer treatment programs for Dilaudid and other opioid drugs for men, women, and young adults. The formats that are available for Dilaudid addiction include Easy Detox, Intensive Inpatient, Residential Rehab, and our Dual Diagnoses treatment programs.

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