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Librium Detox in South Florida

Librium Detox Process

What is Librium? How Does It Work?

Librium is the brand name for a prescription drug, known as chlordiazepoxide. It is classified as a benzodiazepine and is often abused, the rate of addiction for this drug is significant. Librium is most commonly prescribed for anxiety, and for treating alcoholics who are experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

Librium is also prescribed for some sleep disorders or before or during major surgery. Librium is a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant that causes a person to feel calm and relaxed. Librium doses range from 5, 10, and 25 mg. The common dosage for Librium when it is prescribed for anxiety is 5mg three to four times a day, with higher doses for more severe anxiety conditions. For alcohol withdrawal symptoms, 50 to 100 mg. are initially prescribed to be taken three to four times per day.

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Librium must be acquired through a medical doctor or psychiatrist. Librium has the potential to cause accidental overdose, especially by drug-taking cultures, who often mix benzodiazepines with alcohol or other drugs like heroin or cocaine. It is not legal to drive when you are taking Librium, nor is it safe to engage in other activities that require an alert state of mind, such as caring for infants and young children or operating dangerous machinery. Many people will initially be prescribed Librium for mental health or emotional condition and then begin abusing it.

Signs and Symptoms of Librium Addiction

Librium is like other powerful benzodiazepine drugs (Xanax, Valium, Ativan) and can cause addiction to occur in a relatively short amount of time (2-4 months). One strong indicator of addiction to Librium is when a person sees more than one doctor obtain more Librium. This behavior is known as ‘doctor shopping.’ Another sign that someone is addicted to Librium is appearing lethargic or sleeping more often and longer. Problems with memory and forgetting where important items are frequently, such as house keys, money, or cellphones.  

Another sign that a person is addicted to Librium is running out of their Librium or making up excuses as to why they need more. Other signs include irregular eating habits, not attending a job or school, disengaging from regular activities that were once a priority. Lying to family members and friends and behaving disinterested in their relationships. A dangerous symptom of Librium addiction is physical withdrawal. Librium will cause a person to experience withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop taking Librium.

Librium Withdrawal Symptoms

Like other benzodiazepines, Librium withdrawal symptoms are usually severe and can cause a life-threatening condition to occur. Seizures, death, and coma can occur when a person begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. It is never recommended that anyone who has become addicted to Librium attempt to detox the drug out of their system alone. In general, potent benzodiazepines like Librium are known to cause seizures if the medication is suddenly stopped or reduced. Seizures are likely to occur when a person is addicted to a benzodiazepine because these types of CNS depressant medications modify certain brain chemicals and activity that will over-react when the drug intake stops.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Librium is a CNS depressant that affects the brain and can be addictive.

CNS depressants act on the brain by increasing the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a chemical that inhibits brain activity. This action causes the drowsy and calming effects that make the medicine effective for anxiety and sleep disorders… If a person takes CNS depressants long term, he or she might need larger doses to achieve therapeutic effects. Continued use can also lead to dependence and withdrawal when use is abruptly reduced or stopped. Suddenly stopping can also lead to harmful consequences like seizures. (NIDA)

The Librium Detox symptoms that indicate dependency and addiction include:

Librium Detox Program

Evoke Wellness Florida offers a specialized detox program for Librium addiction and dependency. Our detox program prescribes a taper-down regimen of Librium to help a person detox safely and painlessly. The taper protocol is utilized in our medically supervised Librium detox center. A medically supervised detoxification is overseen by medical doctors and psychiatrists who specialize in benzodiazepine addiction and withdrawal. Each client is monitored around the clock and prescribed smaller and smaller doses of Librium to help them detox. A taper protocol is necessary for Librium detoxification because it greatly reduces the chances of a seizure occurring.

Our medically supervised Florida Librium detox center allow clients to rest and relax during their detoxification. Once a client is feeling better, we encourage them to engage in recreational activities, small group counseling, individual counseling, and other therapeutic projects to help stabilize their emotions and their mental health. Our detox unit also provides each client with an individualized treatment plan for one of our specialized Librium addiction treatment programs. Detox is the beginning of recovery, but it is not treatment. We encourage all clients to consider entering one of our treatment programs following their detox.

Our Florida Librium detox works directly with all of the treatment formats we offer. Librium treatment can be completed in our intensive inpatient, residential rehab, and our dual diagnosis treatment formats. To learn about our Librium detox program and its coordinating treatment program, please contact one of our detox and treatment program representatives.   

Evoke Wellness FL: A Premier Medical Detox

At Evoke Wellness Florida, we help clients detox from alcohol and drugs under the best possible treatment and surroundings. Our medical drug and alcohol detox facility is located in a beautiful, private location over-looking a tranquil lake in Miramar,
Florida. Our relaxing surroundings, high-end amenities, delicious and nutritious
food, and team of professional practitioners, help clients move through the detox
phase quickly, safely and comfortably. After detox, clients have a wide range of
options to transition seamlessly to the next step in their addiction recovery. While
the medical detoxification process is not easy, many clients recognize early on that
is not nearly as intense, painful, or uncomfortable as anticipated. We help them
build foundations needed to maintain long-term sobriety.

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