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How to Help Someone with Addiction

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Pink prescription pills write the letter "help" out on a blue table.Substance use disorder (SUD) is when a person loses control over their emotional well-being and actions. The condition is complex and many individuals struggle in denial before seeking professional medical drug detox. Processing thoughts and unusual behaviors are attached to addiction, which may result in long-term psychological or physical side effects. It’s essential to learn the symptoms and signs so you know how to help someone with an addiction.

How to Tell Someone to Stop Taking Drugs

Someone who has formed an addiction to a particular substance over time will gradually experience frequent episodes displaying odd behavior, especially if a person has limited access to the drug and begins to experience withdrawal. Helping addicts recover or convincing them that professional help is necessary seems extremely difficult. However, some ways can encourage addicts to open their eyes to their addiction and save lives.Keep in mind that you are coming from genuine concern and compassion. It’s best to skip any lectures or sound judgmental, especially if you have never experienced addiction. If you have, talk about why you tried drugs and stopped substance abuse. Another great way of wondering how to help someone with an addiction is by suggesting new hobbies or ways to positively distract the mind from cravings. Yoga, sports, music, and crafts are always good outlets to turn to when wanting to redirect your focus.

How to Help Someone Getting off Drugs

After expressing your worries and the addict has gone through the five stages of addiction, professional help is available. Whether the addict requires an alcohol detox, opioid, or other substance addiction treatment, the withdrawal process for drugs is not easy. A person who cares for the former addict should be cautious about what is in the house to help prevent relapse. For instance, if someone abusing alcohol completes treatment and goes home, make sure not to drink in front of them, especially at first. Keep wine, spirits, or beer out of sight, so it does not tempt the former addict in times of stress.Be sure not to criticize or shame the former addict since the person is making an immense effort to remain sober. Keep healthy communication and allow the person to express themselves freely, without judgment. Although you may not want to change any personal habits, continue to show compassion by displaying actions that will not lead the former addict to relapse. Also, suggesting continued therapy is never a bad idea.

Addiction Treatment at Evoke Wellness

Now that you know how to help someone addicted to drugs, allow Evoke Wellness Treatment Center to assist. Our experienced medical staff will design an individualized treatment plan that works best for the patient. In addition, we offer unique programs and services like addiction aftercare, our family program, and our alumni treatment. We want to see the patient positively reconnect with themselves and others and reenter life with a new productive approach.Contact a specialist at our Florida Wellness Rehab today at 833-819-6066 and ask about our residential rehabilitation program to get started!Related Readings:Socially Acceptable DrugsHow a Child of an Addict Can be Affected