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Can You Force Someone Into Rehab?

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Man pushes a large ball up a hill while the sun sets.No one wants to be pressured to do anything, especially if it’s an addict in denial about their addiction. Still, no one wants to witness their coworker, good friend, or loved one suffer from substance abuse. There are specific factors involved that may determine if you can make someone go to rehab. Involuntary commitment laws in some states make it possible for a family member to help their loved one who is refusing treatment. If you are wondering if you can force someone into rehab, depending on the circumstance, you can. 

How Can You Force Someone Into Rehab?

There are 37 states in America that allow involuntary rehab patients. The requirements and process may differ depending on the state. Typically, if a minor is struggling with substance abuse, a parent can admit them to a drug and alcohol facility. Children will not need to consent since they are dependent on their parents. The states that provide involuntary commitment laws need specific information and proof of an addict’s erratic behavior. For example, if a person poses a threat to themselves or others or neglects their personal affairs, these are signs that they need medical assistance. In addition, if drugs cause cognitive decline or render them mentally or physically, creating a disability, you can put someone in rehab against their will.  Besides a child, close friend, or coworker, those who face an arrest may have the opportunity to receive treatment instead of punishment. A person must plead guilty to the crime committed and be referred to rehab by the court or criminal justice system. Being forced to rehab may beat sleeping behind bars. 

What States Can You Force Someone Into Rehab?

If you are wondering, “can I force my spouse into rehab,” or asking how the process works, it depends on the state you live in. As mentioned, the requirements are usually similar since those who are hurting themselves or show a potential threat to others may quickly be sent to a treatment facility. Here is a list of states (not all are included) where you can force someone into rehab: 

  • Iowa 
  • Texas 
  • Alaska 
  • Kansas 
  • Hawaii 
  • Florida 
  • Indiana 
  • Georgia
  • Vermont
  • Nebraska
  • California  
  • Mississippi 
  • Washington 
  • Massachusetts
  • North & South Dakota
  • North & South Carolina

Understanding the stages of grief and addiction may help when it comes to approaching an addict about the problem. Researching the involuntary commitment laws requirements and services is the next step after attempting to convince an addict into rehab. 

How to Motivate Someone to Stop Using Drugs

There are various avenues a person can take to help their loved one receive professional care. Although people do not like to be forced into anything they don’t want to do, sometimes, it’s vital to be given a small push in the right direction to better both your present and future outcomes. Don’t give up on an addict, especially if they are in denial about the depth of their addiction.    Here are some ways that can help: 

  • Use empathy
  • Avoid lectures 
  • Practice Self-care 
  • Encourage responsibility 
  • Avoid shaming or judgment 
  • Establish healthy boundaries 
  • Get answers from professionals 
  • Stage an intervention with friends and family 

Before approaching an addict, do your research. Look and compare programs at treatment facilities and look for a successful, easy detox rehab. Watching a loved one suffer or if you feel threatened due to someone undergoing substance abuse, get your questions answered by professionals. 

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